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Arrgghhhh you ready for an adventure? Because Houston we have a problem!

Not so long ago, in a galaxy quite close by, our story begins with our heroic Space Crew on a secret mission through uncharted territory, navigating the twists and turns of outer space. The last thing they want to do is bump into the notorious Space Pirates, and Shiver Me Timbers, can you guess what happens next? SPACE PIRATES is a fast paced musical, full of terrorising tunes and a storyline that will make you laugh out loud and scream AHOY! in you best pirate voice… And if you don't, you might just have to walk the plank!


This production will be performed on the 3rd June, 2018.


This production is part of our RUGRATS Program for students in PREP to GRADE 2. (Students will perform alongside our older JUNIOR Students)


Weekly rehearsals will be held on Tuesday afternoons from 3:45-5:15pm at the Redlands Memorial Hall (44 Smith St, Cleveland) and will commence on the 23rd January 2018.


Tuition fees for this production equate to only $8 per hour!

Tuition fees for the FULL SEMESTER cost $455 (inc. GST) with various payment plans available.

$40 (inc. GST) Costume Hire Levy
We always endeavour to keep costume costs at a minimum, so some simple costumes will be supplied by students while the more complex items will be supplied by ROCKIT Productions.


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