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"Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore!"


The classic story leaps off of the page, out of the screen, and onto the stage in this beautiful adaption of the beloved classic tale, THE WIZARD OF OZ! After Dorothy's house mysteriously crashe lands in Munchkinland after a truly terrifying tornado, the good witch of the north, Glinda, sends her on a quest to meet the Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Surely with all his wisdom and magic he could find her way home. Only it's not that easy, with the help of her new friends, Scarecrow, Tinman and the cowardly Lion, she'll have to outsmart the Wicked Witch of the West and the army of flying Monkeys if she's ever to make it back home!


Join our cast of RUGRAT and JUNIOR students as they take a journey over the rainbow, 

down the yellow brick road, and into the merry old land of OZ! 


This production will have two performances at 2pm and 6pm on Sunday the 7th Nov 2021.​


This production is part of our RUGRATS Program for students in PREP to GRADE 2

Students will perform alongside our older JUNIOR students.


Weekly rehearsals will be held on Saturday Mornings at ROCKIT HQ (1 Trade Street, Ormiston QLD 4160)

starting on Saturday 17th July 2021.

(Classes run following the QLD State School Calendar, observing QLD Public Holidays) 

Students in Prep will rehearse 9:30-10:30am weekly. 

Students in Grade 1-2 will rehearse 9:30-11:00am weekly. 


Tuition fees cover the FULL SEMESTER (17 Weeks across Term 3 and Term 4)

Fees for Students in Prep costs $365 (inc GST)
Fees for Students in Grade 1-2 costs $465 (inc GST)

$50 (inc. GST) Costume Hire
We always endeavour to keep costume costs at a minimum, so some simple costumes will be supplied by students while the more complex items will be supplied by ROCKIT Productions.

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