Grades 10 - 12

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“She is beauty, she is grace, she is Miss United States!”


Welcome to the world of cheap smiles, fake tans, and heels high as hell…. The pageant circuit is alive and thriving in this ridiculous glimpse into the lives of our BEAUTY QUEENS, as they battle it out for the coveted title. But it’s going to take more than a designer gown and a dream of world peace to take home the crown as the vicious and vivacious contestants claw and clamber over each other to get to the top.


Keeping the peace backstage are the doting parents, jealous boyfriends, and stressed coaches, all trying to stay calm and collected amidst the chaos. But no beauty pageant is as simple and as straightforward as it should be, not in the town of Andalusia.


Join our SENIORS cast of BEAUTY QUEENS as they embark on the long road to nationals, and the ultimate goal of taking home the Miss United States crown!


Auditions for this production will be held on Saturday 1st February between 10:45am-3:00pm. Students will be seen in 75-min blocks with potential offers for a callback between 3:30-6:00pm that same day.


This production will have two performances at 2pm and 7pm on Sunday the 28th June, 2020.


This production is part of our SENIORS Program for students in Grades 10 to 12.


Weekly rehearsals will be held on Wednesday afternoons from 5:00-7:30pm at ROCKIT HQ (1 Trade Street, Ormiston QLD 4160) and will commence on the 29th January, 2020 (First week of the school term).


Tuition fees for this production equate to only $8 per hour!

Tuition fees for the FULL SEMESTER (20 Weeks) cost $670 (inc. GST) with various payment plans available.


$55 (inc. GST) Costume Hire
We always endeavour to keep costume costs at a minimum, so some simple costumes will be supplied by students while the more complex items will be supplied by ROCKIT Productions.

fitness and flexibility add-on

So often we hear our teen performers say "I wish I could kick that high" or "I'm not strong enough to do that" and we want to help them improve to be the best they can. To assist with this, we have added a new class to the timetable specifically tailored for this age group wanting to improve their dance ability and work on their body strength and flexibility. Our new 'Fitness and Flexibility' class will follow immediately after our SENIORS weekly rehearsals, and for those already enrolled in BEAUTY QUEENS, we have a special discount offer of only $10 per week. That's a saving of of over $100 per semester!

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