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Rugrats (P-G2) and Juniors (G3-6) Mid-Year  Performance

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Sunday 29th May - 1:00pm (Red Fish Cast)

Sunday 29th May - 5:00pm (Blue Fish Cast)

"Oh the thinks you can think, when you think about Seuss!"

From the Page of a book, to the Jungle of Nool, 

To Whoville, the Courtroom, and McElligot's pool,

Join The Cat In The Hat, and Mayzie LaBird,

Horton, Gertrude, and Jojo who was heard,

On a whimsical journey with monkeys to boast,

No matter your size, it's your heart that counts most!


Red Fish Cast (Juliette, Lucille, Natalie, Wynter) 

Blue Fish Cast (Saige, Lilith, Audrey, Tayla)

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