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Welcome to the ACTORS STUDIO, a hub for young actors to hone their craft with industry professionals.

In the ACTORS STUDIO, storytelling is at the core of our mission. This program provides a platform for students to develop their acting skills and bring their stories to life on stage.


These weekly acting classes allow students to develop their skills in script analysis, improvisation, creative play, and teamwork. Our goal is to build confidence, strength, and dynamic performances in our students, and provide them with the tools they need to succeed in the world of acting.


Whether you're a seasoned performer or just starting out, the ACTORS STUDIO provides a supportive and inclusive environment for actors to grow and develop their craft. 


Each stream of the ACTORS STUDIO features different performance opportunities with tailored outcomes for each age bracket. In the past, these outcomes have ranged from casual classroom showcases to full-scale productions, giving our actors the chance to bring their work to life in a supportive, creative space.


Previous Actors Studio productions include; A GRIMM TWIST, a unique take on the classic tales of the Brothers Grimm, HEROES: MYTHOLOGY OF THE GREEKS, an epic journey through Greek mythology, and THE FESTIVAL OF SHERLOCK HOLMES featuring original plays based on the stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.



Like any creative endeavour, it takes a village to run the ACTORS STUDIO. Helmed by our curriculum supervisor, Talisa Pariss (acting coach at JMC Academy) with our team of teaching artists including Shaun Kohlman (BARE - Woodward Productions, FiZZ - Opera QLD/Shake&Stir), George Canham (Hairspray - QPAC) and Georgia Gould (QCD Showcase - Queensland College of Dance). 


The ACTORS STUDIO is a hub for young actors who wish to hone their craft with industry professionals.


Weekly classes allow students to develop an understanding of various acting techniques for creating dynamic characters and analysing text. 


They will explore engaging monologues, duologues and scenes to assist them with general development, auditions and academic evaluations.




Students from Grade 3 to Grade 12 and beyond who love to perform and want to improve their acting skills.

Students in younger age groups are encouraged to look into our RUGRATS program.



Classes commence the week starting Monday 29th January and following the QLD State School Calendar, observing all QLD Public Holidays.

Check out the ACTORS STUDIO Timetable.


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