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The ROCKIT Dance Studio is a unique facility designed to provide technical training in a fun, energetic, and supportive environment.


Classes are taught without a grading system or eisteddfod outcome, catering to students of varying abilities in a non-competitive environment. The focus is on finding the right level for each student, regardless of their background or age, encouraging them to progress at the right pace for their own development.

If you don't know where to start, simply give George a call on 0407 266 583 and he will tailor a package for you.


Jazz is an energetic and upbeat dance style offered in multiple levels at ROCKIT Productions. This dance style allows students to develop their coordination, endurance, flexibility, and technical skills in a high energy, fun and engaging class.


Jazz is streamed into five different classes based on skill and experience, allowing for appropriate progression. Classes include strength & conditioning exercises, corner work, and various jazz styles such as commercial, musical theatre, and technical jazz. New skills and exercises are taught every week, making classes different and engaging..  


This is our most popular class and is encouraged for all students to join! 

Modern Ballet Dancers


Young Dancers in Ballet Class

Ballet is a foundational dance genre which allows students to develop their coordination, balance, and discipline in an encouraging and supportive environment. Ballet also builds strength and agility in our dancers and encourages coordination in different ways.


This dance style is used as a foundation for many other dance forms such as Jazz and Tap and is encouraged for all students to take part in weekly.


At ROCKIT our Ballet classes are streamed to the students ability level allowing for better development from week to week, whilst still providing a supportive environment for all to dance in.


Students can expect different barre combinations, centre work, and choreography sequences each week to develop their skills and strength within this class. 


Tap has been a part of the dance world since the 19th century but has grown in popularity over the last two decades. Tap dance is a unique and enjoyable dance form that develops students’ rhythmic ability both musically and physically.


Tap gives students the ability to connect to their inner metronome making them a well-rounded dancer and musician in turn (bonus!)


Each week students will improve their footwork skills with new combinations, whilst developing their musicality and coordination, through choreography and exercises.


Our tap classes are streamed for students’ ability and is an extremely fun and joyful dance form for all ages and skill levels! 

Youth Tap Dance Rehearsal

Kicks, Leaps & Turns

Modern Dance Leap

Kicks, Leaps, and Turns is an energising dance class designed specifically for teenagers focusing on enhancing technique, flexibility and stamina.


This dynamic class encompasses a diverse range of dance genres and incorporates specialised training in kicks, turns and leaps. The goal is to provide students with a comprehensive foundation in dance enabling them to excel in various dance styles.


As participants progress the class aims to build endurance and stamina through energetic movements and continuous corner work sequences. The positive and supportive atmosphere encourages students to challenge themselves, take risks and develop a strong sense of self confidence in their dancing abilities. 


Step into the spotlight with our new Heels class, a dance experience crafted for seniors and older students. Learn show choreography and embrace the power of dancing in heels, enhancing your confidence for a night of feel-good fun.

This class, designed for upper high school students, offers fresh routines spanning Vegas Showgirl flamboyance, Kick Line precision, and Nightclub commercial jazz. While choreography leans into feminine movements, all genders are welcome. (Yes boys, you too!) 


It aims to empower and exhilarate, fostering a supportive environment where confidence shines.


Note: Heels are mandatory; beginners are recommended to start with chorus heels or lower, thicker heels with ankle support before progressing to boots or stilettos.

Content warning: Explicit songs and adult movements may occasionally be included, catering to the older age bracket of students.


Fit & Flex


FitnFlex classes offer a fun way for students to get fit with the support of their peers. Students will develop their aerobic fitness levels with cardio and strength exercises allowing students to become more in tune with their bodies.

This class has nothing to do with body weight or appearance. Our focus is on cardio fitness, flexibility and health.

The “fit” part of the class develops students’ endurance, balance, strength and aims to improve students’ general well-being. The "flex" element of this class focuses on stretching and mobility exercises to release muscle tension and improve flexibility within dance styles and day to day life.


FitnFlex classes will offer students different and engaging ways to have fun whilst getting fit and will improve students’ fitness, dance ability and more, whilst being surrounded by peers and staff! 


(Also, the class soundtracks are an added bonus!)


Street Dance (Sometimes called HipHop or Commercial Jazzis characterised by its modern style and freestyle nature. It incorporates elements from various dance genres including hip hop, breaking, popping, and locking, and often involves physically expressive and energetic movements.


This genre develops strength, musicality and fluidity in our dancers. Techniques that are required in musicals such as Hamilton, &Juliet, and Six.


Street Dance continues to evolve and influence popular culture, just as jazz has done for the last century.

Dance Team


Contemporary Dance Rehearsal

Contemporary dance is an ever-growing and changing dance form now offered at ROCKIT for all ages.


Contemporary aims to develop students’ endurance, coordination, and flexibility in a different style of dance and is a great and fun way for students to connect their mind to their body.


Contemporary students will learn fluidity in their dance movements and a stronger connection to music. These classes will offer different and engaging contemporary styles including floor work, improvisation and choreography.

Deep Stretch

Deep stretch is a class dedicated for students to release tension held within the body physically and possibly mentally as well.


Each week students will be given new ways to stretch their bodies and release the weeks stress and tension in a relaxing and supportive way.


Flexibility is a large part of stretching, but this class also focuses on nerve stretches, which is extremely important for dance and musical theatre. Stretches and self-massaged techniques will be taught weekly along with deep breathing exercises to relax and rejuvenate the body for the week ahead.


This class aims to teach students to be more in tune with their body and learn and understand it better! 


Pre-Professional Classes


Elevate your dance mastery to unparalleled heights for our pre-professional classes, aimed at our most advanced dance students at ROCKIT Productions.


These two classes of Ballet and Jazz aim to offer a tailored class to our elite dance students, it will push students further with technique, discipline, refinement, and personality in their dance journey. With a focus on precision, expression and unwavering dedication to the art form, our elite pre-professional program is not just a training ground, it's a sanctuary for those who dream of continuing this passion into a career.


This class is offered to Seniors only and will be open to our advanced dancers, upon enrolling in the class the ROCKIT team will communicate whether admission into this class is successful. 

Intro to...

Are you passionate about Musical Theatre but dance terrifies you? Our specially curated "Intro to Dance" program is designed just for you!


Tailored for older students who are eager to embark on their dance journey, this class provides a welcoming and nurturing environment to explore the enchanting realms of both ballet and jazz.


Whether you’re stepping into dance for the first time or wanting to improve your skill in a safe space this class is for you. It will focus on building a strong foundation in dance for technique, flexibility, fitness and stamina.


Embrace the grace of ballet and the vibrant energy of jazz as you unlock the joy of movement. It's never too late to start dancing so join today! 

Dance Class

Pre-Primary Dance

From as young as 3 years old...


Join Karly the Kangaroo as she guides you and your child through the foundations of dance.


This 40 minute class begins with creative dance and transforms into the early stages of Jazz, Ballet and Street Dance. Giving students a strong foundation in movement and fine motor skills, preparing them for their Primary School experience.

For more info on our Pre-Primary classes CLICK HERE.



ROCKIT is a safe space.

At ROCKIT, we take pride in fostering a safe and supportive environment. By removing dance competitions and examinations, we prioritise a positive and inclusive atmosphere promoting body positivity and self-confidence.


Here, each student can freely explore their creativity and talents without fear of judgment.



The ROCKIT Dance studio is open for all who love to dance. From age 3 to adults, there is something at the ROCKIT Dance Studio for everyone!



All classes take place at


Our fully air-conditioned studio facility with sprung dance flooring and wall to wall mirrors. 

36 Old Cleveland Road, Capalaba.

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