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We know it can be daunting to start something new, which is why we are very proud to offer our new studentsFREE TRIAL for our Performance Programs, Dance and Drama Classes!

The only classes not included in this are Private Vocal Lessons, due to timetabling restrictions.

But there are still LOTS of things to try...

We can be found most days of the week at ROCKIT HQ - 1 Trade Street, Ormiston QLD 4160

Click here for our 2020 Class Timetable.

Neverland - Background.jpg

Pack your bags, sprinkle some fairy dust, and think the happiest thoughts, because it’s time to fly all the way back to NEVERLAND!!


The tale of Peter Pan has enthralled children for decades, sparking our imaginations and inspiring us to dream big. But while we all know the story about the boy who wouldn’t grow up, what happened before the WendyBird dropped in? Why does Hook have a hook? When did Peter and Tinkerbell first meet? How did Tootles get his name? And who else lives on this magical island?


All of these stories and many more await us in 


ANIMATION STATION (Grades 6 to 7) 



Welcome to Animation Station, last stop along the Storyline Express and home to the Animators. Here they design, build, and weave story board magic as they create our favourite animated tales. Some that make us laugh out loud, others that tug on the heart strings, and some very special few that make you believe in your wildest dreams. It’s a bumpy ride full of crazy characters with twists & turns along the railroad, when one story ends, another begins! 


Join our brand new cast of ELEMENTARY students as they explore the ever-evolving world of ANIMATION STATION!

HAIRSPRAY Jr (Grade 9) 
Inter Background.jpg

You can’t stop the beat in this big and bold musical about one girl's inspiring dream to dance and change the world!


It's 1962, and spunky, plus-size teen Tracy Turnblad has one big dream… to dance on the popular Corny Collins Show! When she finally gets her shot, she's transformed from social outcast to sudden star. But the road to success isn’t always smooth, and she soon finds she’s going to need more than some fancy footwork to shake things up in her home town. 


Tracy might just prove to be unstoppable. After all, you gotta think big to be big, this is HAIRSPRAY!

BEAUTY QUEENS (Grades 10-12) 
Beauty Queens Logo.jpg

“She is beauty, she is grace, she is Miss United States!”


Welcome to the world of cheap smiles, fake tans, and heels high as hell…. The pageant circuit is alive and thriving in this ridiculous glimpse into the lives of our BEAUTY QUEENS, as they battle it out for the coveted title. But it’s going to take more than a designer gown and a dream of world peace to take home the crown as the vicious and vivacious contestants claw and clamber over each other to get to the top.


Join us for the journey  to nationals, and the ultimate goal of taking home the Miss United States crown in BEAUTY QUEENS!

ROCKIT DANCE (Grade 3 to 12 and beyond...)

Take your dance training to the next level with ROCKIT DANCE!

Now offering Musical Theatre JAZZ, BALLET, TAP, ACRO, and two weekly FITNESS & FLEXIBILITY classes, there is plenty to choose from! 


At ROCKIT Dance, we aim to place students in the best class for them according to ability, rather than age, across multiple streams with the freedom to move into whichever course suits them best, providing them the best opportunity to grow and improve.  

ROCKIT DRAMA (Grade 3 to 12 and beyond...)

Unleash ​your creative inner performer with ROCKIT DRAMA!

At ROCKIT, we truly believe that any moment on stage should be driven by a dramatic purpose. Even when singing and dancing, acting should be intertwined throughout the performance.


These classes are designed to break down any fears or hesitations and unlock their true potential, encouraging and pushing our young actors develop their acting skills and step up their on stage performance to reach their absolute best. 


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