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We know it can be daunting to start something new, which is why we are very proud to offer our new studentsFREE TRIAL for our Performance Programs, Dance and Drama Classes!

The only classes not included in this are our SENIORS Performance Program as it is a higher level auditioned course and STUDIOS Private Voice Lessons, due to timetabling restrictions.

But there are still LOTS of things to try...

We can be found most days of the week at ROCKIT HQ - 1 Trade Street, Ormiston QLD 4160

Click here for our 2019 Class Timetable.

tHEATRE OF tHE LOSt MONKEY (Prep to Grade 5) 

toTaL meLODrAma IslaNd (Grades 6 to 8) 

ROCKIT DANCE (Grade 3 to 12 and beyond...)













ROCKIT DRAMA (Grade 3 to 12 and beyond...)

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Prepare for an adventure through a whirlwind of storytelling magic in THEATRE OF THE LOST MONKEY!

On a cold winters night in an abandoned movie theatre, amidst the forgotten side streets of foggy London, we find a group of lost children. As they settle in for an evening in front of the big screen, their world is turned upside down when the impossible happens! A peculiar breeze whips through the building, tearing the screen and out falls a mysterious monkey. Racing against the clock, the children must search high and low to find which story he belongs in before he fades away. Flipping through story books, movie reels, and old records, will they be able to find the way home?

So… You think you can be a Survivor and pass the Master challenges filled with Fear Factor while using use your X-Factor Voice to impress the mysterious Bigger Brother while dodging The Mole to win this Amazing Race and carve your name into the history books and not be the Biggest Loser in the Jungle? Well before you can yell "Get Me Outta Here" you'll have to join the 10th Season of TOTAL MELODRAMA ISLAND!

It's the hot new show everyone is talking about. Contestants from around the world are flown into a filthy jungle in the middle of nowhere and are forced to dance battle it out to survive. They'll need to keep their wits sharp and their voices in tune if they want to take home the crown. And just when they think they know what's in store, SURPRISE! Season 10 is changing all the rules!

Join us for a hilarious adventure into the wilderness of TOTAL MELODRAMA ISLAND!

Total Drama.jpg

Our Full-Term classes will build and develop student's skills in JAZZ, BALLET and now TAP with Technical Training and Musical Theatre Choreography with our wonderful head of dance, George Canham.

One of the biggest concerns we hear from parents is "What level is right for my child?" and knowing if they're in the right group. Some Grade 7 students want to be pushed further and some in Grade 12 need to start with the basics. At ROCKIT Dance, we aim to place students in the best class for them according to ability, rather than age, across multiple streams with the freedom to move into whichever course they feel suits them best (And with some guidance from the ROCKIT Team of course!) we hope students can find the class that suits them most and grow each week!


Rounding out our trio of extension classes, ROCKIT DRAMA is a fresh, exciting class for students wanting to develop their acting skills and step up their on stage performance!

At ROCKIT Productions we truly believe that any moment on stage should be driven by a dramatic purpose. Even when singing and dancing, acting should be intertwined throughout both the creation and performance. Led by our incredible team of working professionals, these classes will take our young performers to the next level!


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