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Welcome to ROCKIT Productions!


If you've found this page, you're probably curious about who we are and what we do. Below is a brief summary of our classes, programs, and company philosophy. For more detailed information, scroll through the menu and check out our full website.


Or if you're still a little baffled, reach out via the CONTACT US tab

and we'll be in touch.

What is ROCKIT?

ROCKIT is a fun-filled musical theatre training company, that

 specialises in singing, acting, and dance training, while creating 

high quality opportunities for students to perform onstage.


Our Musical Theatre Programs are the most popular program, which comprises of a weekly class time, rehearsing for a fully staged musical produced in May/June and Nov/Dec. 

We also have a dedicated Dance Studio (With Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Street, Contemporary, and Fit&Flex classes), Actor's Studio (Drama Classes and Plays) and Music Studio (Voice, Piano, and Guitar Lessons) available for students who want more ROCKIT in their week! 


Who teaches at ROCKIT?

Our teachers are the secret ingredient that makes ROCKIT tick! For more info on our amazing team, head to Our Team page.

Who is ROCKIT for?

Our ROCKIT Family begins with our Pre-Primary Program for students as young as 6 Months, extending to our Rugrats in Prep, through to Seniors in Year 12. With progressive pathways from before school, to graduation, and beyond, there is always something happening at ROCKIT.

How much does it cost?

The fees differ for each class, based on the length of time involved. We aim to keep prices as affordable as possible and always upfront and honest. There are no hidden admin/enrolment fees, elaborate costumes to make at home, or parental volunteer requirements. We believe you should be able to drop the kids at class each week and go home, looking forward to watching the performance, not stuck backstage missing it! Head to our Pricing Structure page for more detailed info regarding discount packages and term rates.

So what can I try?

We know it can be daunting to start something new, which is why we are very proud to offer our new studentsFREE TRIAL for a range of our classes! The only classes not included in this are Music Studio Private Lessons, due to timetabling restrictions and teacher availability..

But there are still LOTS of things to try...


Through weekly Musical Theatre classes and rehearsals, students develop part singing, vocal blend, dance ability, character development and stagecraft while rehearsing to produce a polished, fast-paced, high quality musical production. 


We believe having a goal to work towards like these performances not only inspires our young performers to practise and hone their skills, but also gives them sense of pride and accomplishment as they work with their fellow cast mates to create the finished product in a supportive and nurturing, creative environment.


Unleash ​your creative inner performer within the Actors Studio.

At ROCKIT, we truly believe that any moment on stage should be driven by a dramatic purpose. Even when singing and dancing, acting should be intertwined throughout the performance.


These classes are designed to break down any fears or hesitations and unlock their true potential, encouraging and pushing our young actors develop their acting skills and step up their on stage performance to reach their absolute best. 


Take your dance training to the next level within our Dance Studio!

Now offering Musical Theatre JAZZ, BALLET, TAP, STREET, CONTEMPORARY and two weekly FIT&FLEX classes, there is plenty to choose from! 


At ROCKIT, we aim to place students in the best class for them according to ability, rather than age, across multiple streams with the freedom to move into whichever course suits them best, providing them the best opportunity to grow and improve.  

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