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Where the birth of theatre lies, great stories surely follow...


From ancient gods to legendary humans, the Greeks knew how to construct a tale that would stand the test of time. HEROES: Mythology of the Greeks turns back the clock almost 2000 years to share such stories. Witness the defeat of great monsters, set sail on voyages into the unknown, and see firsthand the power of love, which can save us, or betray us. 


Join ROCKIT's Drama cohort in Term 2 and 3 as we bring three epic tales to life, with unique locations, classical theatrics, and a chorus of storytellers ready to transport you to the ancient world of Greek Mythology.  


This play will have one performance at 6pm on Sunday the 11th September 2022. 



This play is part of our ROCKIT Drama Program for students in GRADE 3 to GRADE 12+.

Students will perform alongside all drama age groups.



Weekly rehearsals will be held on Monday Evenings at ROCKIT HQ

(1 Trade Street, Ormiston QLD 4160) starting on Monday 2nd May 2022.

Juniors (Grade 3 - 6) rehearse 4:00-4:45pm weekly. 

Intermediates (Grade 7-9) rehearse 4:45-5:30pm weekly. 

Seniors (Grade 10-12) rehearse 5:30-6:30pm weekly. 

A full cast Dress Rehearsal will be held on Saturday 3rd September (Times TBC)

A full cast Technical Rehearsal will be held on Saturday 10th September (Times TBC)

A full cast Performance Day will be held on Sunday 11th September (Times TBC)

Please note: This performance project runs across Term 2 and 3


Classes are billed each term, and prices per weekly class are as follows...

45min class - $15  //  60min class - $17

A one-off Production Fee of $120 applies to all students (inc Unlimited Package Students)

(This covers costume hire, set, and technical requirements for the production)

unlimited package

Interested in more classes? Our Unlimited Package caps prices after the third class, making the 4th, 5th, or 6th classes all free! The Unlimited Package also includes our DANCE PROGRAM. Sign up for all your favourite classes and the team will be in touch to arrange your personal schedule for the week! 

about rockit drama

At ROCKIT Productions, we truly believe that any moment on stage should be driven by a dramatic purpose. Even when singing and dancing, acting should be intertwined throughout both the creation and performance. Led by the incredible Alexander O'Connell, our Drama classes will take our young performers to the next level!

Our Drama classes focus purely on acting training, working weekly on dramatic techniques, script analysis, creative play, and teamwork. Aiming to build confidence, dramatic strength, and dynamic performances in our students. These classes are the perfect place for any budding actors, ready to enhance their skillset in the world of drama.

So...where Do I Sign Up? 

Simply use the form below!

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