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Prep  - Grade 6

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Modern Musical Theatre is the amalgamation of singing, acting and dance combined with art and fashion design to bring a story to life.

Designed for students in Early Childhood and Primary, these practical workshops allow students to engage in Musical Theatre with passionate arts educators.

Each of our 90-minute workshops align with the National Curriculum for Drama, Dance and Musicwhile meeting various achievement standards.

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Through the use of imagination a child can be whatever they want to be, a firefighter, a doctor, a dolphin trainer, or a scientist. Inspired by the music of MATILDA, this workshop explores the fundamental basics of musical theatre through role play, imagination and story telling.

(ENGLISH CROSSOVER - "Matilda" by Roald Dahl, "Playtime" by Kate Petty)

Suitable for bands P-2, 3-4 and 5-6.


Childhood can be a crazy roller coaster ride full of joy, anger, fear and anxiety. But how can a child emulate this journey on stage? Inspired by the music of ANNIE, this workshop explores the fundamental basics of musical theatre through role play, imagination and story telling while developing characters based in truth.

(ENGLISH CROSSOVER - "Meet Poppy" by Gabrielle Wang)

Suitable for bands 3-4 and 5-6.


Inspired by real-life historical events, this workshop covers the Newsboys strike of 1899. Gritty, energetic and full of life, "Carrying The Banner" delves into the lives of the Newsboys as they prepare to strike. Inspired by the music of NEWSIES, this workshop has the potential to reach across Music, Drama, Dance and English.

(ENGLISH CROSSOVER - "Strike!" by Pamela Rushby)

Suitable for the 5-6 band.

Or we can CUSTOMISE a workshop for you...

We also offer workshops in DANCE, DRAMA and SINGING. So if the workshops above don't take your fancy we can custom design a workshop for your students. Simply fill out the enquiry form below and we will be in contact with more info.

fee BrEaKDOwN

Our 90-minute primary workshops are valued at $12 per student with a $300 minimum spend (+GST). This includes resources, a teacher resource pack and two Professional Teaching Artists to facilitate the workshop.


"10 out of 10" - Tammie Kirkwood (Carmel College)

"The students loved the workshop!" - Rebecca Howe (Redlands College)

"(I loved) seeing my year 7's come out of their shells!" - Lyndal Murphy (Redlands College)

"Engaging, enjoyable, encouraging for all..." - Imelda Holt (St Martin's Catholic Primary)

"Your passion is contagious!" - Rebecca Howe (Redlands College)

So...where Do I Sign Up?

Sign up for our workshops now using the form below!

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