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ROCKIT DANCE combines our love of Musical Theatre and Dance Technique into fun, energetic, and supportive classes!

At ROCKIT, our dance classes are not leading towards an examination or grading system, but are rather taught as an open class, designed to be both challenging and fun for all students, regardless of their ability.

Some students come to dance last, having been singing for years and want to improve their skills but have never danced before, so we make sure they are streamed into the level they need, progressing up as they are ready.

Others may be young, but very gifted in a certain genre, so we make sure they are being pushed at the right level. 

For us, it's all about finding the right fit for each student.



Students from Grade 3 to 21 Years Old, who love to dance and want to improve! 


To build stronger technical foundations.

To learn Musical Theatre choreography faster and retain it longer.

To have fun in the relaxed and encouraging ROCKIT environment.

To build confidence in our budding young performers!

what Styles?

In 2022 we have a variety of classes on offer... 

JAZZ - With a Musical Theatre focus // 4 Levels available

TAP - Based on the ISTD Syllabus // 2 Levels available

BALLET - Based on the RAD Syllabus // 2 Levels available

STRENGTH & FLEXIBILITY - A must for all performers  // 2 Classes

STREET - Choreography and grooves  // 2 Classes

Head to our TIMETABLE to view the full offering for the week

Full selection of classes are available on the form below.


Classes are billed each term, and prices per weekly class are as follows...

45min class - $15

60min class - $17

90min class - $21


The Unlimited Dance/Drama Package is a flat fee of $50 p/w which essentially means any class after the third is free!

dates - term 3

Classes commence the week starting Monday 18th July 

(Second Week of the School term) and run until Friday 16th September (9 Weeks),

following the QLD State School Calendar, observing all QLD Public Holidays.

so...where Do I Sign Up?

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