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Rounding out our trio of extension classes, ROCKIT DRAMA is a fresh, exciting class for students wanting to develop their acting skills and step up their on stage performance!

At ROCKIT Productions, we truly believe that any moment on stage should be driven by a dramatic purpose. Even when singing and dancing, acting should be intertwined throughout both the creation and performance. Led by Kristen Barros, these classes will take our young performers to the next level!

Our Drama classes focus purely on acting training, working weekly on dramatic techniques, script analysis, creative play, and teamwork. Aiming to build confidence, dramatic strength, and dynamic performances in our students. These classes are the perfect place for any budding actors, ready to enhance their skillset in the world of drama.


Students from Prep to Grade 12 who love to perform and want to improve their acting skills! 


To build their knowledge of drama and stronger communication skills.  To learn dramatic techniques for characterisation and text analysis.  To discover exciting monologues and scenes to help with auditions and school assessment and to play with a range of roles. And most importantly, to have fun in the relaxed and encouraging ROCKIT environment, while building confidence in our budding young performers!


JUNIORS ~ (Grade 3 - 6)

WHEN: Mondays 4:30-5:15pm 

INTERMEDIATES ~ (Grade 7 - 9)

WHEN: Mondays 5:15-6:00pm 

SENIORS ~ (Grade 10+)

WHEN: Mondays 6:00-7:00pm 


Classes are billed each term, and prices per weekly class are as follows...

30min class - $12

45min class - $14

60min class - $16


Interested in more classes? Our Unlimited Package caps prices after the third class, making the 4th, 5th, or 6th classes all free! The Unlimited Package also includes our DANCE PROGRAM. Sign up for all your favourite classes and the team will be in touch to arrange your personal schedule for the week! 

DATES - Term 4

Classes commence the week starting Monday 11th October (Second week of Term) and run until Monday 29th November (8 Weeks), following the QLD State School Calendar, observing all QLD Public Holidays.

** Please note there are no classes on Monday 4th October due to the Queens's Birthday Public Holiday **​

So... Where do I sign up?

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