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Grade 7  - 12

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Modern Musical Theatre is the amalgamation of singing, acting and dance combined with art and fashion design to bring a story to life.

Designed for Secondary students with skills from beginner to advanced, these practical workshops allow students to engage in Musical Theatre with passionate arts educators.

Each of our 120-minute workshops align with the National Curriculum for Drama, Dance and Music while meeting various achievement standards.

These workshops can be tailored to develop group assessment or performance pieces, further student growth (with emphasis on team-building), challenge advanced students with complex group harmonies and performance techniques or simply as part of an educational development program. We can tailor the course to your needs.


We have five 120-minute workshops on offer. 


Our Musical Theatre CRASH COURSE aligns the elements of Singing, Acting and Dance to allow students to 'learn as artists, by making art'. This course will cover one challenging, Musical Theatre piece in its entirety. Focusing on part-singing, vocal blend, characterisation, choreography, and all-round performance presentation, the Musical Theatre CRASH COURSE is designed to be a fun-filled workshop celebrating our love of musical theatre.


Workshop Length: 2 hours


Through our SING Workshop, students can cover a vast variety of musical genres. This workshop is tailored around your individual class needs and is perfect for students who love to sing as well as those who have never sung a note in their lives! Alternatively, this workshop can be tailored for an advanced vocal ensemble. Either way, this workshop is sure to be fun for students of all ages and vocal abilities!


Workshop Length: 2 hours


The ACT Workshop is designed to explore the various genres of theatre in a fun-filled workshop. Students in younger grades can cover Comedy, Clowning, Physical Theatre and Mime while older grades can cover everything from Realism to Comedia Del Arte.

Whatever your needs - ROCKIT Productions can tailor a workshop to suit your group!


Workshop Length: 2 hours


Our DANCE Workshop can help students improve their basic physical awareness to an advanced understanding of movement through space. Covering any genre you choose, ROCKIT can tailor a workshop to challenge and excite your students through dance.

Workshop Length: 2 hours


The AUDITION PREP Workshop is designed to assist senior students in their audition preparations for various University courses and Tertiary studies.

This workshop covers all the components required to craft an audition, including segments on creating a CV, working with an accompanist, song selection, and audition technique. Participants will also be offered the opportunity to participate in a mock audition, putting all the components into practice.

Workshop Length: 2 hours

fee BreaKDOwN

Our 120-minute Secondary workshops are valued at $16 per student with a $400 minimum spend (+GST). This includes resources, a teacher resource pack and two Professional Teaching Artists to facilitate the workshop.


"10 out of 10" - Tammie Kirkwood (Carmel College)

"The students loved the workshop!" - Rebecca Howe (Redlands College)

"(I loved) seeing my year 7's come out of their shells!" - Lyndal Murphy (Redlands College)

"Engaging, enjoyable, encouraging for all..." - Imelda Holt (St Martin's Catholic Primary)

"Your passion is contagious!" - Rebecca Howe (Redlands College)

So...where Do I Sign Up?

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