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"This love is destined to be!"


This girl-meets-ghoul rock 'n' roll Off-Broadway musical is set in the atomic 1950s at Enrico Fermi High, where the law is laid down by a zany, tyrannical principal. Pretty senior Toffee has fallen for the class Rebel, Jonny (that’s Jonny without the “h”). Family pressure forces Toffee to end the romance, and Jonny dives headlong into the nuclear power plant. While Toffee greaves, Jonny returns glowing and determined to reclaim Toffee's heart.


Despite being expelled from Enrico Fermi High for un-dead reasons, Jonny still wants to graduate, but most of all wants to take Toffee to the prom. However, the principal, determined to squash their unconventional love story, orders Jonny to drop dead. Meanwhile, a scandal-hungry reporter named Eddie Flagrante seizes upon their extraordinary circumstances to fuel a media frenzy.


Join Toffee and Jonny on their unforgettable journey as they defy societal norms, face adversity, and dance to the beat of their own otherworldly love story. 


Auditions for this production will be held on Sunday 9th July between 10:00am-3:30pm.

Students will be seen in 90-min blocks with potential offers for character callback between 4:00-7:30pm that same day.


Our Seniors will be involved in 6 performances!


TECH REHEARSAL:   Saturday 25th November

SHOW DAY:   Sunday 26th November (2 shows)

SHOW DAY:   Saturday 2nd December (2 shows)

SHOW DAY:   Sunday 3rd December (2 shows)


This production is part of our SENIORS Program for students in Grades 10 to 12.


Weekly rehearsals will be held on Wednesday afternoons from 5:00-7:30pm at ROCKIT LAUNCHPAD STUDIOS 

(36 Old Cleveland Rd, Capalaba, 4157)

and will commence on Wednesday 19th July, 2023. 

(Please note - We start week 2 of term, due to CGEN)


Classes run following the QLD State School Calendar, observing QLD Public Holidays. 


We are all about family at ROCKIT, and in August we hold our annual Seniors Camp Weekend! 

This year, to keep costs down, we'll be running everything in-house at the studios, with a day of team building activities, movie night, over-night stay, followed by a day of rehearsal plus some other traditions and surprises thrown in along the way

Dates are Saturday 12th August, including overnight, into Sunday 13th August


There will be three Full Day Rehearsals throughout the Semester so our Senior students can learn their blocking, extra songs and dances and piece together the show.  

These dates are:

Saturday 2nd September, Saturday 7th October, Sunday 22nd October,

(Times TBC)



As we near closer to the show, we extend our rehearsals a little longer (4:30pm -8:30pm) so that we can run the show with costumes within the rehearsal time. 

These dates are: 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th November


Each of our Musical Theatre performance programs run over two terms, full fees and discounts are viewable HERE.


A Costume Hire fee of $65 (inc. GST) will be added to your Term 3 Invoice so the team can get your costumes ordered and ready for the musical in Term 4.

We always endeavour to keep costume costs at a minimum, so some simple costumes will be supplied by students while the more complex items will be supplied by ROCKIT Productions.

A Camp-Out of $75 (inc. GST) will be added to your Term 3 Invoice to cover the cost of catering and activities for the weekend.


Musical Theatre is the combination of Singing, Acting, and Dance used to create theatrical magic onstage and tell a story. ROCKIT believes the journey to the performance is just as important as the performance itself, and our doors will always be open to students regardless of previous training or lack thereof. However it is important our highest, most respected age group (SENIORS) delivers an expected level of performance, particularly in the discipline of dance.


The only prerequisite for joining our SENIORS Program, is one weekly technical dance class (Jazz,  Ballet or Intro To Dance) outside of the Rehearsal Room. Please nominate your selected class via the application form below...


So often we hear our teen performers say "I wish I could kick that high" or "I'm not strong enough to do that" and we want to help them improve to be the best they can. To assist with this, we have added a class to the timetable specifically tailored for this age group wanting to improve their dance ability and work on their body strength and flexibility. This class follows immediately after our weekly SENIORS rehearsals from 7:30-8:30pm Wednesday nights.

To book a place, make sure you check the box in your application form below!


The ROCKIT Vocal Ensemble is a dynamic vocal group for students wishing to further enhance their musical development. Led by musical director, Shaun Kohlman, this group could be the missing piece for vocalists who are aiming for a well-rounded musical education that emphasises vocal technique, harmony, pitch, rhythm, and vocal blend. 

Weekly sessions foster collaboration and teamwork skills alongside like-minded peers, working through various works within the musical theatre cannon. The program instills discipline, perseverance, and a strong work ethic, nurturing well-rounded individuals ready for success. Join the ROCKIT Vocal Ensemble today and let your voice shine!



Sign up now using the form below!

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